Grout Cleaning Equipment

Whatever the kind of tiles we use at home (or at the office), one thing is certain making the floor free of dirt after the installation of the tiles is a job which is almost as difficult as laying the floor itself. Grout is normally a cement-based compound, which is used to install the tiles, and it fills the gaps between the tiles which form naturally during installation. However, the little pores in the grout trap dirt, and with time, the joints of the floor tiles all become black and dull. Though we constantly clean our floor and maintain it in top condition, there is nothing we can do about the discolored grout.

Cleaning grout is a specialized job and something that a lot of cleaning contractors cannot do. The basic reason for that is that the equipment for cleaning grout is entirely different from the other kinds of cleaning equipment used at home. The most basic of this equipment is a deck brush with fine bristles. These bristles should be hard enough to clean the dirt stuck in the grout, and yet be soft enough not to damage the installation and finishing of the flooring.

The next level of grout cleaning equipment is a hand held power scrubber. This is a mechanized version of the deck brush and usually comes with a rotary head. The bristles go down into the grout and pull up the dirt and other materials stuck in them. Hand held power scrubbers come with a long handle so we do not need to break our back cleaning grout in the tiles.

Level three is a low speed floor maintainer, which runs at about 200 rotations per minute. The real commercial floor maintainers have speeds of up to 2000 RPM. Hiring a flooring contractor who has a low speed floor maintainer should not be very difficult, and that should be enough for most of the grout problems we are faced with.

If the problem is quite severe, or if we have completely neglected our floors for years at a time, the next level of grout cleaning equipment is a motor scrubber. This is a more specialized piece of machinery and is specifically used by Grout Cleaning Services. Thanks to all this modern grout cleaning equipment, it is now possible to make our floors shine like new again.


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