Grout Cleaning For Businesses

While modern construction equipment and materials have made our homes and business places quite stunning, they have also thrown at us newer and more complex challenges when it comes to their maintenance. Using certain types of tile, such as ceramic, stone, and other wonderful flooring materials, requires a special expertise to maintain. Since we mentioned tile, the toughest thing about it, is maintaining the grout. Especially, if you are a business owner, having clean tile grout is important, and to maintain the tile really well needs a lot of special expertise and a set of special cleaning equipment.

If you use tile in your business place, you would know about the different complexities involved in maintaining it. Grout is susceptible to catching all kinds of dirt, dust, mold, and anything else that might be lying around; and grout cleaning can be a real tough act. While every business place has grout that needs to be maintained, some of those places have grout that is even more complex in nature. For instance, cleaning the floors in kitchen restaurants can be a daunting task. Restaurant kitchen floors need to be cleaned nightly. Moreover, the grout should be scrubbed on a regular basis, before it becomes a serious issue. Restaurants cannot afford to put its reputation on the line. Cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Another place that is susceptible to a lot of dirty grout is a fitness club. The places within a fitness clubs that experiences the most difficulty with dirty grout is in the locker and shower rooms. Places like these are expected to be maintained spotless and no business can afford to have their name tarnished because of unclean grout. That does not mean that business do not maintain their tile and flooring. It is extremely difficult to keep the grout clean, and most establishments do not have the necessary equipment and expertise to do that.There are actually various levels of grout cleaning, and the simplest of them just requires us to have the right kind of a brush and an energetic Janitor. However, the businesses that we mentioned here need something beyond that, and the best thing would be to seek professional Grout Cleaning Services. The service will come in with the right kind of equipment and will finish the job efficiently, so that the customers are not inconvenienced. Businesses, that chooses to maintain their grout on a regular basis save time and money.

Grout Cleaning Equipment

Whatever the kind of tiles we use at home (or at the office), one thing is certain making the floor free of dirt after the installation of the tiles is a job which is almost as difficult as laying the floor itself. Grout is normally a cement-based compound, which is used to install the tiles, and it fills the gaps between the tiles which form naturally during installation. However, the little pores in the grout trap dirt, and with time, the joints of the floor tiles all become black and dull. Though we constantly clean our floor and maintain it in top condition, there is nothing we can do about the discolored grout.

Cleaning grout is a specialized job and something that a lot of cleaning contractors cannot do. The basic reason for that is that the equipment for cleaning grout is entirely different from the other kinds of cleaning equipment used at home. The most basic of this equipment is a deck brush with fine bristles. These bristles should be hard enough to clean the dirt stuck in the grout, and yet be soft enough not to damage the installation and finishing of the flooring.

The next level of grout cleaning equipment is a hand held power scrubber. This is a mechanized version of the deck brush and usually comes with a rotary head. The bristles go down into the grout and pull up the dirt and other materials stuck in them. Hand held power scrubbers come with a long handle so we do not need to break our back cleaning grout in the tiles.

Level three is a low speed floor maintainer, which runs at about 200 rotations per minute. The real commercial floor maintainers have speeds of up to 2000 RPM. Hiring a flooring contractor who has a low speed floor maintainer should not be very difficult, and that should be enough for most of the grout problems we are faced with.

If the problem is quite severe, or if we have completely neglected our floors for years at a time, the next level of grout cleaning equipment is a motor scrubber. This is a more specialized piece of machinery and is specifically used by Grout Cleaning Services. Thanks to all this modern grout cleaning equipment, it is now possible to make our floors shine like new again.

Residential Grout Cleaning

Grout inside homes is among the most common problems that can get us to contact a professional cleaning company. We normally try and do home cleaning by ourselves, but some things just cannot be done by us. Cleaning grout is one of them. Commercial (industrial) grout and residential grout are entirely different, and the way they are formed is different. At home, the most common foreign substance in the grout is dirt, and other sediments, which we bring in each time we come home. In industrial grout, there could be any number of foreign substances, and it is extremely difficult to deal with that unless you have a solid cleaning company with a load of machinery.

Floor grout becomes dirty when the pores of the grout are filled with dust and dirt, and since we normally do not use machinery at home, it is quite difficult for us to get rid of it. There are several kinds of grout cleaning equipment, and the most basic of them is the hard floor brush and the basic floor cleaner, which runs on a small motor. Some modern vacuum cleaners at home even come with a grout cleaning attachment, and for basic cleaning that should do. However, since we normally have carpets or some other floor coverings - including furniture, sofas, various tables, etc covering the floor, we do not really have open access to cleaning grout. The best solution would be to engage the services of a specialist grout cleaning company that occasionally comes with the right equipment.

In addition to Floor grout, shower grout can also be found in residences. Shower Grout is normally more in quantity than normal floor grout, as the tiles used in there need better affixing especially if they are on the wall. The good thing about shower grout is that the water flowing around constantly cleans it but that can be a negative to as it can accumulate mold all over. The mold grows by itself and is stubborn to remove without grout cleaning equipment. Some of the simplest equipment for cleaning shower grout is a brush and a light cleaning solution. Utilizing a good Grout Cleaning Services to clean both the floor and the shower grout would be a tremendous resource. It will take a few hours, but you will have a shining floor and bathroom.

Solutions For Cleaning Grout

Grout cleaning is a welcomed service in many homes and businesses. Clean grout adds a level of beauty to a tile surface that cannot be matched when the tile is dingy or dull. A major contributor to cleaning grout is the chemicals. Without chemicals, cleaning it can be difficult. Besides chemically developed cleaners, solutions that are found in the home may be adequate for some people. The four-grout cleaners that are found in the home are baking soda, vinegar, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide. Each cleaner has pros and cons.

For example, vinegar emits a pungent odor. Bleach has the ability to leave grout whiter than other cleaners do. However, there is a risk that comes along with using bleach. Accidental discoloration of property is a possibility with the use of bleach. For the best possible results when cleaning grout a scientifically developed grout cleaner works best. A home solution may not work well for all grout-cleaning situations. For example, bleach may work well on floors, whereas, baking soda maybe better suited for showers. However, special-made grout cleaning solutions work well for all grout-cleaning applications.

Several problems occur with grout. Floors accumulate dirt, and showers accumulate soap scum, mold, and sometimes rust. A store bought cleaner can remove all types of discoloration. Once the grout is clean, it may still look dull or dingy. If it is dull or dingy, it is recommended that a grout brightener be applied. The brightener makes dull and dingy grout white again. Unless the grout is protected, it will get dirty sooner than later. A grout sealer will protect the grout and keep it looking clean and bright for a long period. Grout sealer is absorbed into the pours of the grout forming a protective layer between dirt, mold, soap scum, and the floor. The sealer performs three tasks. It protects the grout, makes cleaning easier, and lengthens the period between extensive cleaning. Using grout cleaning solutions makes the task of grout cleaning easier, and will provide better overall results.

Floor Maintenance

Whether you own a home or manage a business, its appearance is important, and can reflect on your reputation as a homeowner or a manager. If you own a home there are many areas of the house hat may need to be cleaned periodically in order to maintain optimal aesthetics. The same can be said for a business. Regular maintenance can help any business operate smoothly. One area within any location that would be in need of service whether it is a residence or a business would be the floors.

Floors need to be maintained or their appearance will begin to deteriorate.
There are many different types of flooring. Some of the different types of flooring are carpet, wood, cement, and tile. There are variations to the different types of flooring. For example, there are many types of tile. Some of the different types of tile are, ceramic, stone, and vct (vinyl composition tile). Ideally, regular maintenance should be every three to four months regardless of the surface. Carpet is the easiest type of flooring to maintain. However, the majority of people fail to maintain their carpets, in order to maintain its original look. There are three ways to clean carpet.

The three ways to clean carpet are shampooing, extracting, and steaming. Shampooing is the simplest and most cost effective way to clean carpet. Shampooing uses a low speed floor maintainer and a bonnet. The bonnet applies the shampoo, scrubs the carpet, and absorbs the dirty water and solution, while spinning between the machine and the carpet. The extraction method use a motorized pump to spray solution into the carpet. A vacuum extracts the dirty water and solution out of the carpet. Steam cleaning is similar to extraction. Wood flooring can be more difficult to maintain.

Unsealed floors should be cleaned daily with a wood cleaning solution and a micro fiber mop. Waxed floor should be buffed periodically. Buffing will remove scuff-marks and other forms of discoloration. A wooden floor that has been overly neglected may need to be refinished. Different types of tile floors may require different types of maintenance. Big problems that can arise with tile flooring is dirty grout. Grout is the substance between the tiles. Grout can get dirty easily. When grout gets dirty, it should be cleaned with a grout cleaning solution. In addition, it should also be scrubbed with an automated machine. Using a grout cleaning solution and an automated scrubber is the most efficient method of cleaning grout. Preventative floor maintenance will ultimately save any entity time, money, and grief.